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Hi. I'm Matt James, a front-end engineer, teacher and family man.

2020... amirite?

This year, as virtually everyone on the globe experienced, was a rough one. From a raging pandemic infecting and killing millions of people, handled inexcusably poorly by the federal government, to months of unrest over the continued killing of unarmed people of color at the hands of the police, to an interminable election cycle culminating in an ongoing attempted overthrow of our democracy, 2020 kept piling it on until the end. But, we've all lived that shared experience and while it is far more important than anything I'll write here, I'm going to share a wrap up of my personal year.

— December 28, 2020

A Little Thing I Learned About `sapper export`

I put this site together with Svelte and Sapper and am hosting it on Netlify. It's a glorious workflow. Write a post or make a new route, push to main and viola, instant deploys. The other day I decided to make a /uses page as I've enjoyed looking at other people's uses page. I stuck it in the routes folder of the src directory, saw it when developing but it kept not making it through the Netlify deploy. What was the deal? It turns out that the behavior of the sapper export command that Netlify was running on deploy was at fault. Let's take a look at this little quirk of that build command.

— September 26, 2020

Simplify Your Ember App with Domain Components

As one of the elder statemen in the JavaScript framework landscape, Ember has been around for a long time. While it has fallen out of favor somewhat over the last few years with the rise of React, Vue and Svelte, Ember is still very much alive and has been completely overhauled with the recent release of Ember Octane. If you find yourself coming to Ember from another framework, it can be a bit daunting at first. But, by leveraging Octane to create an architecture built on _domain components_, things start to feel much more familiar. Let's dig in.

— September 3, 2020